What are EC2 Spot Instances?

Spot Instances are spare compute capacity on AWS and one of three ways that Amazon sells its compute capacity – the other two being On-Demand Instances and Reserved Instances. In terms of the servers themselves, there is no difference between the three.

The difference is in the business model. Whereas On-Demand Instances are pay-as-you-go and Reserved allow you to rent a server on a 1-year or 3-year basis, Spot Instances allow you to save up to 90% on your compute costs by using Amazon’s excess compute capacity. Spot instances are typically recommended for stateless and non-mission-critical workloads since they can be interrupted at a moment’s notice. wenovate Cloud Cost Optimization for AWS allows you to run production workloads, stateless or stateful while enjoying the extreme cost-savings that come with using Spot.


How it works

Based on historical and statistical data, wenovate Cloud Cost Optimization predicts interruptions ahead of time and automatically migrates instances into different machine Types, Zones or falls back to On-Demand in order to ensure high availability and consistency. Elastigroup will also make sure that the preemption is done gradually to ensure service uptime. At any given time, Elastigroup automatically scales the application on the best possible mix of instance types – Spot, Reserved, or On-Demand.


Key Features

Seamless Integration

wenovate Cloud Cost Optimization integrates with dozens of applications and services including Kubernetes, Amazon EKS, Elastic Load Balancer, Application Load Balancer, Autoscaling Groups, Amazon ECS, Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Beanstalk, OpsWorks, EMR, CodeDeploy, and more.

Intelligent Auto-Scaling

wenovate Cloud Cost Optimization provides tailor-made auto-scaling for your application. Metric-based or Event-driven, wenovate Cloud Cost Optimization will always make sure that you have the optimal mix of Right-sized VMs running to meet your workloads needs.

Cut Costs by up to 80%

wenovate Cloud Cost Optimization reliably leverages the Spot market to optimize your underlying infrastructure for cost, without compromising availability.

Always Up

wenovate Cloud Cost Optimization uses predictive algorithms to identify and drain VMs that are about to be preempted. Prior to VM termination, wenovate Cloud Cost Optimization seamlessly launches a new VM and replace it seamlessly. wenovate Cloud Cost Optimization will also make sure to distribute your VMs across different sizes and types to optimize cost reduction and VM longevity.

Deep Visibility

Gain deep visibility into the usage, utilization and spend on VMs and containers. The wenovate Cloud Cost Optimization dashboard also features an analysis of potential and actual cost savings based on Preemptible VM usage.

RI Utilization

wenovate Cloud Cost Optimization finds all unutilized Reservations and prioritizes Reservations usage prior to launching Spot Instances, making sure your application is running on the best possible mix of instances.